Proverbs in "Official Prose"

For a printable copy, click here: Proverbs

1. A mass of concentrated earthly material perennially rotating on its axis will not accumulate an accretion of bryophytic vegetation.

2. A superabundance of talent skilled in the preparation of gastronomic concoctions will impair the quality of a certain potable solution made by immersing a gallinaceous bird in evullient Adam’s ale.

3. Individuals who perforce are constrained to be domiciled in vitreous structures of patent frangibility should on no account employ petrous formations as projectiles.

4. That prudent avis which matutinally deserts the coziness of its abode will ensnare a vermiculite creature.

5. Everything that coruscates with effulgence is not ipso facto aurous.

6. Do not dissipate your competence by hebetudinous prodigality lest you subsequently lament an exiguous inadequacy.

7. An addlepated beetlehead and his specie divaricate with startling prematurity.

8. It can be no other than a maleficent horizontally propelled current of gaseous matter whose protentous advent is not the harbinger of a modicum of beneficence.

9. One should hyperesthetically exercise macrography upon that situs which will eventually tenant if one propels oneself into the troposphere.

10. Aberration is the hallmark of Homo Sapiens while longanimous placability and condonation are the indicia of supramundane omniscience.

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