Profile Assignment

Profile Assignment

For a printable copy, click here: Profile Assignment


Purpose: The purpose for this assignment is to practice the steps of writing a profile of someone you know well and like..  We will practice the five processes of rhetoric, namely: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery.  (To practice memory we will simply use photocopying, computers, note cards, and our mental powers to help us keep track of our research.)


In this assignment, you will write a 350-450 word profile of someone you know. Write about someone you know well and like—for example, a roommate, friend, acquaintance, coworker, or relative. Think about why you find this person interesting: they’re quirky, hard working, funny, unusual, spiritual, and so on. Paint a verbal picture of this person that views him or her from a specific angle and that captures something essential about him or her—an idea, social cause, insight, or theme. The “angle” you might consider is how this person has influenced your own life. In other words, how has knowing this person affected changes in your behaviors or attitudes?


Invention: Follow the guidelines on pgs 61 and 62 of Writing Today.

Audience: Later in the semester, you will be creating a blog. Think of your audience for this paper as the readers of your blog, i.e. family members, other students, your instructor, and the person him/herself that you are writing about.

Arrangement: Choose one of the formats from page 58-59 in Writing Today. (Introduction, Description of the person, Background information, Anecdote, Anecdote, Conclusion OR  Introduction, Description of the person, Complication, Evaluation, Resolution, Conclusion).

Style: Choose a style that will reflect the mood you want your reader to have while reading the profile—a style that reveals the person’s qualities. Read pgs. 65-66 in Writing Today for help in choosing vocabulary and sentence structure that will help the reader get a feeling for the person who you describe.

Revision: RE-invention, RE-arrangement, RE-style: Conduct peer review sessions and revise your drafts. Follow the guidelines on pgs 67 of Writing Today. It is very important to TRIM out details that do not help your reader understand the “theme” of your profile.

Delivery: Turn in the paper with the best appearance you are capable of producing.  (Follow guidelines given in the syllabus and in class.) Later in the semester, you will post this profile to your blog..

The paper will be 350-450 words long.  It will not be shorter nor longer than that. Check your syllabus for proper formatting of the paper.  If you draw on sources, you must include a Reference (Works Cited) page should be on a separate page. Document your sources by following the guidelines of MLA or APA style manuals.

Place your paper in a three-hole paper binder.  Behind your paper, place all drafts and invention and arrangement documents. Behind the invention material, place the photocopies of any articles you actually cited (not all those you collected) in your papers.



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