Works Cited – Books

 Works Cited – Books

For a printable copy, click here: Works Cited – Books

Directions: Read the following pages: and

(1) Then, use the information about the following sources to complete a properly formatted Works Cited page on a separate sheet of paper

(2) With a partner, find an example of two other kinds of entries for books. Write them in your practice Works Cited page.

Only TYPED or PRINTED, works cited pages will be accepted. Refer to for examples of each type of source.

Author: Edward Cornish

Title: Futuring: The Exploration of the Future

City of Publication: Bethesda, Maryland

Publisher: World Future Society

Date: 2004

Authors: Richard Johnson-Sheehan and Charles Paine

Title: Writing Today

City of Publication: Boston

Publisher: Pearson

Date: 2010

Author: Gary Paulsen

Title: My Life In Dog Years

City of Publication: New York

Publisher: Yearling

Date: 1999

Author: American Allergy Association

Title. Allergies in Children

City of Publication: New York

Publisher: Random

Date: 1998

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