Works Cited – Magazines, Journals, Newspapers

Works Cited – Magazines, Journals, Newspapers
For a printable copy, click here: Works Cited – Magazines, Journals, Newspapers

Directions: Read the following pages: and
(1) Then, use the information about the following sources to complete a properly formatted Works Cited page on a separate sheet of paper
(2) With a partner, write two more entries. Choose a newspaper, magazine, or journal.. Write them in your practice Works Cited page.

Only TYPED or PRINTED, works cited pages will be accepted. Refer to for examples of each type of source.

Each of these types of publications has its own format. Do not confuse them!

Magazines are those publications you can buy from a bookstore or on a newsstand. They are to be read by the general public, e.g. Time, Newsweek, Popular Mechanics, Woman’s World.

Journals are written for groups of professionals. They can be found in libraries and typically professionals will subscribe to their own copies, e.g. Journal of the American Medical Association, American Literary Journal, Our Environment.

are daily or weekly publications usually printed on cheap (“throw-away”) paper. They can be bought at bookstores, newsstands or delivered to your door.

Magazine Article
Author: Carmen Wong Ulrich
Article Title: Stop Stressing Over Money-Now!
Magazine Title: Health
Date: April 2006
Pages: 126-128

Journal Article
Author: Markus Greiner, Olaf Mandel, Tilman Esslinger, Theodor W. Hänsch and Immanuel Bloch
Article Title: Quantum Phase Transition from a Superfluid to a Mott Insulator in a Gas of Ultracold Atoms
Journal Title: Nature
Date: January 3, 2002
Volume: 415
Issue: 6867
Pages: 39-44

Newspaper Article
Author: James ‘ONeill
Article Title: Richland is Given Award for Quality Management
Newspaper Title: Dallas Morning News
Date: April 20, 2006
Pages: 6B

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