Research in College Situations

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Research in College Situations
Research in College Situations

This handout is an outline of the research process for college papers. Please read down through the list and be ready with questions about these items when you come to class. Be sure to print it out and bring a copy to class for our discussion.

a. Types of research
i. Descriptive– describes events and people as they currently are happening or are being in the present (may or may not analyze and evaluate)
ii. Historical– Reports describes events and people as they happened or were in the past (may or may not analyze and evaluate)
iii. Scientific/Empirical-follows a set procedure outline in the discipline to discover what will happen under a set of prescribed circumstances

b. Sources for research

i. Primary– Original or firsthand study of a subject
1. Primary research methods
a. Observation
b. Experimentation
c. Questionnaires
d. Interviews
e. Historical documents
f. Field trials/case studies
g. Attitude profiles
h. Surveys
i. Works of literature
ii. Secondary– Information that other researchers, by their primary research, have reported in books, periodicals, and other sources

c. Methods of research
i. Conceptual– Used for gathering and synthesizing information
1. About ideas, theories, or concepts
2. Typically uses secondary sources (literary searches)
3. Conclusion as a summary
4. Examples of conceptual research: current trends in business or industry; management theories; almost all General Studies topics
ii. Applied
1. About finding practical solutions to problems
2. Often uses primary sources
3. Conclusion usually includes recommendations
4. Examples of applied research; evaluating potential computer systems; creating a compensation plan; creating a business proposal

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