Report on Proposals

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Report on Proposals


In this paper, you will examine a few published proposals for solving the political/social issue you have been studying this semester. Your paper will have two parts:

(1) The first part is the main section of the paper. In it, you will be writing what is known as an expository or informative paper. This section should comprise about 3 pages. In it, you will set forth 2-4 proposed solutions for the issue. You will “report” on them with NO opinion of your own.  (2) The second part of the paper should only be about 1 page. On this page, you can choose one of the proposals as one you think will work. In this part, you will tell your reader your opinion and why you think the ideas in the proposal are sound and feasible.

Expository is a form of the English word “expose” which means “to set forth” So what kind of essay is it? The kind that exposes things, the kind that sets ideas forth, the kind that explains, the kind that “informs”.

Your “Report on Proposals” paper will be a maximum (no more, no fewer!)  of 4 pages long and have a maximum (no more, no fewer!) of 5 sources. You will practice either MLA or APA citation or reference list format in a bibliography on a fifth page. For this paper, you will research the same topic of local interest. But in this paper, you will examine the issue from a national (US) perspective. Your five sources must include: (1) at least one article from a print source, such as a newspaper or magazine, (2) at least one article from an Internet source. You may also include references to the movie you watched for the “Literary Analysis” paper.

Expository essays are designed to present and explain information clearly. Clarity is the key here.

Since an expository essay is meant to provide the reader with factual information, the paper should be written from a neutral point of view and without emotion. In addition, it should be written in the third person, which means the essay should not contain the word “I” or sentences such as “In my opinion….” You may use such phrases only on the fourth page!


  • Invention: Working together in groups, do more in-depth research into your topic. Remember that you are expanding your search to find information on the topic/issue as a North American issue. Also, remember that you are looking for information which proposes solutions to the issue. Read Chapter 12 in our text so that you can see what kinds of materials you should be researching.

    Each person in the group should find and contribute 3 articles on the chosen topic.  These articles must have been published during the last 5 years (2005-2010).  Remember, in your final paper, one of the articles must come from the New York Times. Another other article must come from a popular magazine, such as Newsweek, Time, Business News (look in the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature to locate an article), and a third source should be from an interview or survey or a movie.

  • The paper will be a report with an informative thesis statement in the introduction. You are NOT writing to persuade anybody. Even on the last page, you goal is not to convince anyone you are right; you are simply putting forth your opinion on the proposals. In this paper, you are just discussing the issue. In class, we will determine an appropriate rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, ethos, etc.) for the paper.  We will also determine an appropriate organizational strategy.

  • Audience: You are writing to an instructor (not an English teacher) in answer to an assignment made in class.

    The teacher wants to see if you understand the issue from many points of view. And has asked you to state an opinion at the end of your expository/informative report.


  • Arrangement: Select and organize your material.
  • Style:Individually write a four (4) page paper.
  • Revision: RE-invention, RE-arrangement, RE-style: Conduct peer review sessions and revise your drafts.
  • Delivery: Turn in the paper with the best appearance you are capable of producing.  (Follow guidelines given in the syllabus and in class).
    The paper will be four (4) pages long.  It will not be shorter nor longer than those four pages. Check your syllabus for proper formatting of the paper.  In the paper, you will draw on at least three (3) of the 8-10 sources your group found on your topic. Your Reference (Works Cited) page should be on a fifth page.  Document your sources by following the guidelines of MLA or APA style manuals.

    Place your paper in a three-hole paper binder.  Behind your paper, place all drafts and invention and arrangement documents. Behind the invention material, place the photocopies of the articles you actually cited (not all those you collected) in your papers.

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