Parallel Structure

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Parallelism Class Worksheet

Not parallel

Lincoln explains the causes in the third paragraph, whereas the fourth paragraph rallies the audience to continue the struggle.


Lincoln explains the causes of the war in the third paragraph,
he rallies the audience to continue the struggle in the fourth paragraph.


Lincoln’s third paragraph explains the causes of the war and
the fourth paragraph describes the continuing struggle.

Parallel Structure
Also, see

a. Lincoln explains the causes in the third paragraph, whereas the fourth paragraph rallies the audience to continue the struggle.

b. The legal staff performed a study on the emergency room’s decrease in identification of child abuse.

c. Regarding your request, the following definition and function of a program manager has been submitted.

d. Michael Krantz states in Time Magazine that the reason shoppers are not buying on-line is because of hackers, lack of products, can’t see product, must reveal personal information and company’s reputation.

e. Satellites make it possible for us to have pagers, cellular phones, and watch television shows from halfway around the world.

f. The billions of dollars that are being spent for networking American schools to the Internet would be better used to alleviate serious problems like overcrowded classroom, conditions that are unsafe, teacher incompetence, and having security on school campuses.

g. Three reasons why steel companies kept losing money were that their plants were inefficient, high labor costs, and foreign competition was increasing.

h. Success was difficult even for efficient companies because of the shift away from all manufacturing in the United States and the fact that steel production was shifting toward emerging nations.

Un-Parallel Structures from Real Pamphlets

i. Changes in Renaissance England
1. Extension of trade routes
2. Merchant class became more powerful
3. The death of feudalism
4. Up-surging of the arts
5. Religious quarrels began

i. What you will learn at the workshop:
a. Dealing with your post partum emotions
b. How to find time for your other children
c. Keep the romance alive: you and your spouse
d. Can I have a clean house and a new baby?
e. Finding time for myself.
f. Your mother’s (and mother-in-law’s) advice

j. The following materials can only be copied in black and white: (Hint: Watch for parallel punctuation!)
a. Paper currency
b. Receipts from a cash register
c. travelers checks
d. Money orders
e. Gold Certificates
f. stamps from the US Postal Service

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