Contact Dr. Cooper

I want to help you do the best you can in my class.  But this “comment” box is only here for you to tell me about dire emergencies.

 Otherwise, contacting me is problematic.

First, I do not look at my email very often and will most likely miss your question.

Second, it is very important for you to listen to my directions in class. All of our assignments have clear instructions, and I will tell you, on paper or orally, what is due the next day of class.

Please take the responsibility to listen to directions the first time. Write them down.

Third, I prefer you to ask questions about assignments in class where other students will all hear my answers at one time.

Fourth, I do NOT get messages from the Language Division Secretary, so to call her is simply a waste of your and her time.

Fifth, if you are going to be absent or turn in an assignment late, we have class policies for those events. Look at the syllabus. You don’t need to notify me of these events.

So please pay attention in class. Make friends and exchange emails and phone numbers with your classmates. Contact them for help. Also remember that the Writing Center can help you with your assignments. Finally, I am available for individual, face-to-face conferences with you. Please make appointments with me to discuss your work.

If you have a dire emergency and must try to contact me here:

Always include your name in your comments; I can’t recognize all email addresses, especially with approximately 100 students. It’s also just polite to close your comments with a closing and your name (ex.: “Thanks! Jason.”

And also, always include your section number, (ex. 21299), so that I can identify you and your class quickly.


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