Sample Team Charter

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Sample Team Charter

This is a sample of a Team Charter made by some of my past students. Unfortunately, although the students made beautiful charts and tables, they do not show up here. If you would like to make tables to list your members’ assignments and due dates, please do so!

Group A – Meeting Charter


This charter delineates and evaluates the procedures our group has decided to use in order to achieve an optimal project outcome. The group members have united to create this charter and every member fully supports the following information.

Group Members

• Dottie Adams – Group Leader
• Dave Behunin
• Skip Cochrane
• Nicole Pedrick
• Steve Schmidt
• Molly Waits

Team Purpose

The purpose for creating this self-managed Task team is to analyze three disabling operational problems that may arise in our study group given its mix of learning styles. The outcome of this research will be a paper and slide presentation that explores and presents this topic.

Members Skills / Knowledge / Expertise

In the first team meeting, each team member identified his/her strengths, skills, and any knowledge or expertise that would be valuable to the team throughout the duration of this exercise. From this self-evaluation process, our team has discovered the following:

• Dottie – PowerPoint, Researching, Editing, Formatting
• Dave – Researching, PowerPoint, Writing
• Skip – Writing, Critical Thinking, Editing, Gluing it all together
• Nicole – Researching, Writing, Editing
• Steve – PowerPoint, Researching
• Molly – Writing, Formatting, Grammar checks

Necessary Resources

Many resources are necessary to complete our group’s task. The key resource that affects this particular project is time availability. Each team member must be able to commit an appropriate amount of time to the project in order to complete all of his or her required assignments. Another necessary resource is effective research. We have been provided with a vast selection of information through the ASU Library. The final resource our group identified as an absolute necessity is the need for communication. In order for this project to be a success, smooth and timely communication is a must.

Boundaries / Constraints

The team has deadlines within which we must operate. Having such strict deadlines requires that team meetings and assignments be laid out precisely for the group.

Major Deadlines:
• Saturday, March 31 Study Group Charter Due
• Saturday, March 31 Paper topics selected
• Sunday, April 1 Paper topic research begins
• Monday, April 2 Paper topic drafts written
• Tuesday, April 3 Rough Draft Team Review
• Wednesday, April 4 Rough Draft of Paper and Presentation Due
• Wednesday, April 4 Unified Study Group Log Due
• Saturday, April 7 Cut off for draft change submissions
• Tuesday, April 10 Final Team Paper Review
• Wednesday, April 11 Final Draft of Paper and Presentation
• Wednesday, April 11 Unified Study Group Log Due

Date Time Format Purpose
Saturday 8:00pm
Yahoo Messenger 1) To complete group charter.
2) Confirm group’s paper topics & divide up tasks for paper.
Sunday 8:00pm Yahoo Messenger Review status of tasks.
Monday 8:00pm Yahoo Messenger Review status of tasks.
Tuesday 8:00pm Yahoo Messenger Discuss last minute changes to group rough draft prior to posting.
• Primarily we will communicate via online means (email, newsgroup postings, and instant messenger programs) and on-ground during class time when allowed; however, we may occasionally make use of teleconferences.
• Since each member has submitted his/her time availability schedule to the Group Leader, and every effort has been made to organize meetings around those schedules, all members are expected to attend as many group meetings as their individual schedules permit.
• If a member cannot attend a scheduled meeting, he/she MUST submit all assigned deliverables to the group prior to the meeting. The absent member must also attempt to notify all team members about his/her absence.
• If a member misses a scheduled meeting, he/she MUST contact the Group Leader to secure any newly assigned tasks.
• Minutes will be taken at every meeting and posted to the Study Group room. The absent member is responsible for reviewing the meeting minutes.

Ground Rules

The following ground rules have been agreed upon and adopted by our team to make this task process as smooth as possible.

• Be a good listener.
• Keep an open mind.
• No embarrassing, rejecting or punishing a team member who speaks up.
• Ask questions incessantly.
• Participate in the discussion.
• State your opinion.
• Ask for clarification.
• Give everyone a chance to speak.
• Don’t be defensive if your idea is criticized.
• Have an opinion, but get on board once a majority decision has been made.
• Be prepared to carryout group decisions.
• Everyone is an equal (no titles).
• All comments remain in the session (confidentiality rule).
• If you have an issue with another group member, discuss it with that member directly and immediately.
• Focus on the here-and-now instead of the past.
• Be prepared to complete work assignments on time.
• In meetings be polite – Don’t interrupt.


The following rules have been agreed to for dealing with conflict.

• Address all conflict with the team or individual head-on.
• If you’re struggling with something, speak out immediately.
• If you cannot get to a task, let the Group Leader know the minute you feel bogged down.
• If you feel someone is being condescending, address that issue with the person immediately.
• If someone has “stepped on your toes,” clear the air immediately.

Team Commitment

Each member has agreed to be a highly dedicated, efficient participant in order to accomplish our team’s goal. We do, however, realize that other circumstances such as job, illness, family emergency, etc., may affect any individual’s success during any part of this process. We also agree that if such an occurrence arises, the team member should notify the Group Leader immediately to help work out a solution.

Work Expectations

The team’s work expectations are defined accordingly:

• We expect a high quality item – well written, good grammar, minimal spelling errors – on all materials, interim and final.
• All research must be presented with complete references.
• All written work must be presented in the specified APA style and format.
• All team members will use the same software version to allay any formatting or conversion complications (Microsoft Office 97).
• Workload quantity will be divided equally amongst all team members. This includes:
• Amount and degree of research – per topic element, the individual preparing the material is expected to write between 350-700 words and to be certain to thoroughly cover the topic.
• PowerPoint slides are assigned at a minimum of 2 slides per team member. If the team decides, one individual may handle all slide preparation and drafting based on the information given to him/her from all team members’ research.

• Meeting preparedness:
• Each team member must come to every meeting with his/her assigned task completed and ready to present to other members.
• Any team member who causes the group to miss a Course Deadline will receive a 75% reduction in overall available score for the project.

Project Plan / Timeline

Assignment Team Member Responsible
Due Date Date Completed
Research for TOPIC 1 Steve Sun, April 1
Research for TOPIC 2 Skip Sun, April 1
Research for TOPIC 3 Dottie/Nicole Sun, April 1
Write 350-700 words on TOPIC 1 – Rough Copy Steve Mon, April 2
Write 350-700 words on TOPIC 2 – Rough Copy Skip Mon, April 2
Write 350-700 words on TOPIC 3 – Rough Copy Dottie/Nicole Mon, April 2
Write INTRODUCTION – Rough Copy Molly Tue, April 3
Write CONCLUSION – Rough Copy Molly Tue, April 3
Write ABSTRACT – Rough Copy Molly Tue, April 3
PowerPoint Slides – Rough Copy Dave/Nicole Tue, April 3
GLUE ALL PIECES TOGETHER – Rough Copy Skip Tue, April 3
Proofread Rough Copy for grammar/spelling errors Molly/Skip Tue, April 3
Make suggestions for corrections/additions to rough copy All Tue, April 3
Post Rough Copy to Meeting and Assignment Rooms Skip Wed, April 4
Post Unified Study Group Log Dottie Wed, April 4
Re-write TOPIC 1 – Final Copy Steve Fri, April 6
Re-write TOPIC 2 – Final Copy Skip Fri, April 6
Re-write TOPIC 3 – Final Copy Dottie/Nicole Fri, April 6
Re-write INTRODUCTION – Final Copy Molly Fri, April 6
Re-write CONCLUSION – Final Copy Molly Fri, April 6
Re-write ABSTRACT – Final Copy Molly Fri, April 6
Cutoff of for topic and slide updates All Sat, April 7
PowerPoint Slides – Final Copy Dave Sun, April 8
Proofread Final Copy Skip/Molly Mon, April 9
Group Suggestions for corrections / changes All Mon, April 9
FINALIZE PAPER / SLIDES Skip or Molly Tue, April 10
POST Final Copy to Classroom Skip or Molly Wed, April 11
Post Unified Study Group Log Dottie Wed, April 11

Study Group Logs

Study group logs will be completed and submitted on Day 7 (Tuesday) of each week. Each team member will submit his/her self-assessed score (up to 100%) for meeting the week’s deliverables to the Group Leader. If the Group Leader has issue with any assessment(s) she will contact the individual directly. Reported scores are completely confidential and only the Group Leader and the reporting team member knows the score.

Additional Information

Yahoo Member ID’s- for online group meetings

• Dottie
• Dave David_Behunin
• Skip wscochrane
• Nicole asugrad1998
• Steve smcsw
• Molly molly158

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