Leslie Marmon Silko Report Forms

The Leslie Marmon Silko Report Forms are now available in the Miscellaneous Handouts area of this blog.

Welcome to ENG101!

Hello students and welcome to our class this semester.

On this blog, you will find the Syllabus, Course Policies, Assignment Guidelines, and Class Handouts. You will want to print many of them out because you will be required to bring them to class.

In order to print the pages, what you DON’T want to do is just hit PRINT when you are looking at a page. It will probabaly print everything on the screen, all the sidebars, and so forth.

So to print, do this:
When you are looking at a page, you can click on the title  where I say, “For a printable copy, click here,” to pull up the Word, jpg, or  pdf version of the  document. Then print it. (When you are finished printing, hit the “Back” arrow to get back to the blog. If you X out of Word, it will close down the blog site.

Again, welcome. Browse around and see what you can find.